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First Post Here

To All the Girls in the World

Her worries worsen when her back
Is turned. In perfect words, she learns
Thier whispers make her nervous.
She learns to trace the walls and face
The girls--to never turn--and track
Her way home backwards.
Reversed into a bed at night
That isn't hers: she'll bed her back
To never let it burn.

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welcome lovely. I like this.

kinda melancholy.
how do i make a post to a community????
well, first you have to be a member of the community ...
you go to 'update journal'
then you write you entry "ladeeda"
then you go down to the bottom of the 'update' page and somewhere there should be a box that says "post to"
click the down arrow and select the community in which you want to post.

does that make sense?

that was me. sorry!
thanks. :)
hmm..well when i goto update only has my journal. maybe the moderator of this group gots to approve me or something.
"there aren't enough axis
for my world to spin
consistantly so it keeps
and careening toward and
away from you."

i saw that in your journal..awesome. add me?
ABSOLTELY! You're from Chicago! Brilliance.

and thank you very much.

I'm Amanda btw.